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We verify your quality and food safety system, environment and supply chain, and that of your suppliers.

At RepaQ we perform internal and supplier audits on the main standards recognized by GFSI, ISO and other relevant entities with the objective of verifying their degree of compliance, diagnose the status of the system and develop an action plan to enable continuous improvement.

In addition, we also develop internal benchmarks tailored to your company’s needs.

We are expert auditors with more than 60 annual audits, with accredited competence. We identify opportunities for improvement and can help you implement them to meet your customers' expectations.

Moreover, we are qualified independent auditors and audit BRCGS Packaging Materials and BRCGS Consumer Products for various certifying entities.


We audit your system considering the main standards applicable to the packaging industry recognized by GFSI:
BRCGS Packaging materials
FSSC 22000
IFS PACsecure
SQF Packaging
In addition to other standards that will allow you to prove quality and safety, such as:
BRCGS Agents and Brokers
ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
BRCGS Storage and
IFS HPC for daily household, cleaning, personal care and cosmetic products
BRCGS Consumer Products


Environmental compliance is essential when it comes to ensuring the competitiveness of your business. We audit your environmental management system with the aim of systematically reducing your impacts.

We consider standards related to sustainability and carbon reduction, such as:
Environmental management system ISO 14001
Ecolabel EU (Environmental Labeling Type I)
Environmental self-declarations according to ISO 14021 (Environmental labeling type II)
Environmental product declaration according to ISO 14025 based on ISO 14040/14044 LCA (Environmental labeling type III)
Validation and verification of organization's carbon footprint according to the main standards such as ISO 14064, GHG Protocol
Validation and verification of product carbon footprint according to ISO 14067
Validation and verification of Water Footprint (Water Footprint Network methodology) or Water Footprint (ISO 14046 methodology)
Application of BS 8001:2017 Circular Economy guidance


The supply chains of certain materials are very complex, bringing with them a wide range of environmental impacts. Chain of custody audits reveals your commitment to responsible supply chain management and traceability of materials. Some of these are:
Chain of custody of forest products according to FSC or PEFC
Recycled plastics supply chain through standards such as MORE, ECOSENSE, OCS, EN 15343
Biomaterials supply chain through ISCC scheme