Basics of the BRCGS Packaging Standard v6

Training, awareness and competence, pillars for the development of people and company performance.

Basics of the BRCGS Packaging Standard v6

The fundamental keys to effective implementation.


Training hours
8 hours

Content sheet

LOL (Live on-line)

The course will develop
the competences and
skills necessary to:

Become familiar with the BRCGS Packaging standard.

Identify the resources and timing required for its implementation.

Develop a plan for the ongoing maintenance of the standard.


1. Introduction to the contents of BRCGS Packaging standards.
a. Identification of the scope of the system and categorisation of the risk associated with the product.

2. Requirements for common systems, facilities and equipment.
a. Management commitment and continuous improvement: quality policy, management review of the system.
b. Hazard and risk management system.
c. Product quality and safety management system: product specifications and development, internal audits, supplier approval, outsourced processes, traceability services, complaints and incidents.
d. Facilities: flows, equipment, maintenance plan, cleaning plan, waste management, DDD plan.
e. Product and process control: storage, process control, product control, shipping and transport.

3. Systems, facilities and equipment requirements specific to the standard.
a. Products placed on the market in BRCGS Packaging v6.

4. Pre and post audit protocols.

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