Implementing an allergen management system

Training, awareness and competence, pillars for the development of people and company performance.

Implementing an allergen management system

Training necessary to avoid allergen cross-contamination.


Training hours
4 hours

Content sheet

In company
LOL (Live on-line)

The course will develop
the competences and
skills necessary to:

Identify potential sources of allergens in industry.

Assess the risk of allergen contamination throughout the manufacturing process, from the reception of raw materials to the distribution of the final product.

Develop an allergen management plan.


1. Allergen introduction.
a. Definitions (Codex Alimentarius, Regulation 1169/2011...)
b. List of allergens.
c. Importance of food industry allergens (Codex Alimentarius, GFSI, BRCGS)
d. BRCGS Packaging Materials.

2. Allergen management plan.
a. Identification of sources of allergens (raw materials, processing, facilities, personnel...)
b. Risk assessment.
c. Control and/or preventive measures.

3. Overall management.
a. Communication of the plan.
b. Review and validation of the plan.

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