Internal food safety and quality auditor according to GFSI standards

Training, awareness and competence, pillars for the development of people and company performance.

Internal food safety and quality auditor according to GFSI standards

Essential training to perform internal audits in food safety and quality.


Training hours
8 hours

Content sheet

LOL (Live on-line)

The course will develop
the competences and
skills necessary to:

Perform audits of Food Quality and Safety management systems in companies of any sector, following the guidelines of the ISO 19011:2018 auditing standard.

Know the functions and competencies that an auditor must have. As well as covering the attendees with the necessary competences to be able to carry out internal audits in a company.

To be able to assume responsibilities at any stage of the audit process.

Identify the stages of an audit.

Learn to identify and write non-conformities.


1. Quality audits:
a. Definitions.
b. Types of audits.
c. Objectives and benefits of audits.

2. Internal audit as a requirement of the GFSI standards.

3. The ISO 19011:2018 Standard for the development of the audit process.

4. Training of the audit team:
a. Criteria for the qualification of auditors.
b. Roles and responsibilities of auditors.
c. Auditor Attitudes.

5. Methodology for conducting audits:
a. Planning and preparation.
b. Kick-off meeting.
c. Development: evidence gathering.
d. Drafting of non-conformities.
e. Preparation of the final report.
f. Final meeting.

6. Establishment of corrective actions.

7. Case study based on the simulation of a quality audit: documentary review, search for evidence, drafting of non-conformities and presentation of the final report.

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