Packaging specification

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Packaging specification

Requirements, analysis methods and quality plan for packaging materials


Training hours
12 hours

Content sheet

LOL (Live on-line)

The course will develop
the competences and
skills necessary to:

Know the characteristic parameters of each type of packaging according to standard material (rigid plastic, flexible, glass, metal, solid and corrugated board) and the standardised test methods.

To know the fundamental stages to be considered in the approval of packaging material.

To properly integrate packaging material into the Quality Plan.

Develop effective Quality Agreements with your suppliers.


1. Case study presentation: Presentation and resolution of a case study to establish technical specifications and quality criteria for the packaging elements of a new launch (the case will be related to the profile of the participants).

2. Theoretical presentation (based on the knowledge necessary to develop the case study):
a. Quality Plan: its necessity and design.
b. Approval criteria, test plan, standardised or specific tests.
c. Approach and design of the technical specification for packaging.

3. Development of the specifications: Technical specifications, quality criteria and test methods.
a. Rigid and semi-rigid packaging. Test methods.
b. Flexible packaging.
c. Solid board packaging.
d. Corrugated packaging.
e. Others (according to cases to be developed)

4. Approval: approach to tests and types of tests to approve each group of materials.

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