Logistics optimization II

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“A outstanding issue in the consumer goods production industries is the packaging optimization, including its palletization and subsequent logistics plan”. We resumed the logistics optimization articles serie started with the presentation of an essential tool: CAPE PACK. Another software for palletizing optimization is Intelligent Palletizing Software (IPS), specific for mixed palletizing.

Intelligent Palletizing Software (IPS)

IPS is a software designed to calculate mixed palletization mosaics of a completed order, in all pallets or container. That calculation is done based on order data, product specifications and business rules (that are parameters related with product and/or product characteristics). IPS determine the sequence of product picking to optimize warehouse route.

¿How does IPS work?

IPS quickly calculates, with intelligent algorithms, the optimal carrier. The result is determined by using adjustable values that are dependent on the needs in the process. The core of IPS consists of:

  • Calculation Module
  • Visualisation Module
  • Instruction Module
  • Simulation Module
  • Interfaces with ERP, WMS, WCS, Robot and Manual Packing station
  • Analysis and Reporting

The use of IPS provides that benefits:

  • Pallets’ number reduction
  • Hight stability
  • Stack up according to specific rules
  • Consignment quality improvement

With IPS there can be integrated Intelligent Box Selector (IBS) and Intelligent Transport Solution (ITS), solutions for the best packaging selection and for the transport unit, optimizing to the maximum logistic costs.

Intelligent Box Selector (IBS)

IBS performs the calculation for the selection of the best box of your standard with the lowest shipping costs of your products, filling material and packaging.

Manipulation costs, breaks and returns are minimum with IBS. In addition, IBS provide visual 3D instructions to the worker for box selection and box empty. In the case that the setting is automatic, it can be integrated with its packaging systems.

IBS is used for little products, no piled products, single units, replacement products and e-fulfillment.

Intelligent Transport Solution (ITS)

The aim of ITS is transport optimization for optimized cargo based in mixed pallets, boxes and additional cargo. ITS provides allow and disponible truck selection, with lower cost. In addition, it calculates the smaller trace in the truck, and it ensure the goods stability during transport. The cargo instructions are visuals. It can be integrated with all WMS-systems (SGA) and pallets 3D scanners. Besides, ITS includes special algorithms for special needs.

RepaQ offers you the packaging optimization service. If you are curious about logistic saving and greenhouse effect gas emission reduction that would suppose the modification of your product formats or you simply need any palletization sheet, do not doubt to contact us: we adapt to your needs.