Legal aspects of packaging waste

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Legal aspects of packaging waste

Management of packaging waste through integrated management system or deposit, return and refund system.


Training hours
4 hours

Content sheet

LOL (Live on-line)

The course will develop
the competences and
skills necessary to:

Know the EU regulatory framework applicable to current packaging waste.

Know the objectives of packaging circularity to be achieved as defined by the EU.

Know the viable alternatives for packaging waste management.


Current regulatory framework:
Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste and its transposition in the main Member States.
Directive (EU) 2018/852 as an amendment to Directive 94/62/EC.
Package of new measures on the implementation of circular economy policies on packaging waste (specific measures for plastic packaging).

Management of packaging waste:
Integrated Management System (IMS) for household packaging waste.
Annual Packaging Declaration (DAE - Green Dot)
Packaging Prevention Plan (PEP)
Deposit, Return and Refund System (DRS)
Management System for commercial or industrial packaging waste.

European Plastics Strategy: forthcoming adaptations of the package of new measures on the circular economy in plastic packaging.

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