Ecosense Certification

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PLASTIC SENSE FOUNDATION aims to provide transparency and visibility to the work carried out by companies in the value chain of the PET food tray in terms of circular economy. Its principal objective is promoting the use and recycling of the food PET tray, with ECOSENSE Certification.

PET tray composition changes depending on packaged food in order to confer the most suitable properties for transport and storage, but in all cases the content by weight of PET varies between 90% and 100%.

Food security is another key element that makes the PET tray the ideal packaging thanks to the high technological level achieved by companies in manufacturing processes and PET recycling in compliance with the European regulation in this area.

PET tray advantages

  • Light and recyclable
  • Prolonged food lifetime.
  • Reduce CO2
  • Eco design (it avoids the colour and no recycling adhesives).

The way to recognize and disseminate the work of those companies that introduce recycled PET as secondary raw material in its manufacturing processes or use of sheet and/or monolayer and/or multilayer tray, is the ECOSENSE certification.

How can you get the ECOSENSE certificate?

  1. The company communicates to the PLASTIC SENSE FOUNDATION its interest to obtain the certificate.
  2. An independent inspection entity, accredited by ENAC, inspections the company facilities to check the multilayer polymers recovery system and their incorporation to the recycling cycle.
  3. The certificate has a validity of two years and provide the right of use the Ecosense’s brand.
  4. The independent inspection entity shall carry out an annual documentary verification.

The certificate can be obtained by sheet and PET tray manufacturers and packers who recycle their postindustrial waste and who reintroduce recycled material in their trays from a recycler approved by the Foundation.

El Pozo Alimentación becomes the first company of meat sector who obtain the Ecosense certification. Like this one, other companies have already obtained their certificate such as Formas y Envases S.A. (FORMASPACK), LINPAC Packaging Pravia s.a.u. (Grupo Klockner Pentaplast), Plastienvase s.l. (SP Group) and Campofrío Food Group s.a., and other companies are in process of certification as Benzaplastic s.l.

In RepaQ we have technical knowledge about PET material and recyclable material; we can help you with Ecosense certification. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information: