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On 20th June 2019, Ecoembes Administration Council approved the 25% increase average of Green Dot fees as of 1st January 2020. It involves that in the next statement presentation, before 28th February 2020, all business with packaging in market will pay 25% average more than statement before.

What is Green Dot?

green dot

It is sure that everyone knows or has seen that symbol, a circle that include two tied arrows, one arrow is dark green and goes to the right and the other is light green and goes to the left. This image corresponds to Green Dot.

Green Dot is in all packaging handled by the Integrated Management System (SIG). It identifies the products of packaging companies that comply with SIG and encourage that their packaging is in a recycling cycle.

How we encourage more packaging recycled with SIG?

When packaging company pays a quantity of money to SIG by the quantity of packaging in market, what is really paying is the management of product waste generated by the consumer.

First, it is necessary that is carried out a correct segregation of the packaging waste in the commerce and in our homes. Then, the waste selective collected companies, contracted by local government, collect the residues deposited in the recycle bins.

Green Dot belongs to the product since it’s origin. Compiled money of packaging companies with Green Dot Statement is used to finance the collected and transport system that after allows recover the product as recycled material.

Nowadays, thanks to Green Dot, more than 400M of European citizen can separate their residues in different bins.

What is the cost of Green Dot?

The quantity of money to be paid in Green Dot statement is appropriate for the quantity of material that is in the market (weight) with respect to an established fee for each material by Ecoembes.

All materials have different fees. Polyethylene plastics (HDPE, LDPE or PET, among other) and complex carton for food and drink are the most expensive. When it is a compound packaging with different elements, that elements are valued separately. For example, a bottle Green Dot cost is defined by the sum of the different elements (cap, packaging body and label) because each element can be shaped by different type of materials with different fees.

Those materials that are compound by more than one material (complex) and it can’t be easy separated, it will be valued by major quantity material in it.

Green Dot fees will be incremented in a 25% in 2020

The increase of Green Dot fees is because of the citizenship is more engaged with environment and with recycling, and it is due to adjustment capacitation to the recycling system. An exemplar data is that in 2018 each citizen contributed a 12% more to yellow bin and blue bin than 2017, the same that three years before together.

Citizen effort increase is turned into the quantity of recycling material of our homes in Spain. In 2018, it achieves the 78,8% and the Regulation 11/97 about packaging and packaging residues, there is needed more economic support by the companies with recycling packaging in market. That support is used for ensuring public administration payment and it covers the waste selective collected costs (bins, transport, personal, etc), their selection and treatment.

To cope with the cost of recycling 27% more of material than ten years ago and in a context of greater social and environmental commitment – domestic packaging recycling must be growing – it is necessary an initial increase of 25% average as of next year.

In any case, no recycling cost worst is the environmental impact that waste has on ecosystems, biodiversity of the planet and, therefore, on our own health.

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