The 5 key trends that packaging will follow on 2019

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After analysing in depth all the strategies on the article about New Trends in Large Consumptions Packaging, we would like to share the 5 most remarkable trends of packaging:

1.Intelligent Packaging of different types which incorporates or adds:

. Tamper-evident systems with pretty interesting applications, for example, in the world of drugs or high added value products such as spirits, perfumes, etc.

. “Trace&track” monitorization systems which ensures important aspects such as the serialization of pharmaceutical products or to provide more extensive information to the customer.

. An additional functionality to the passive packaging and for example extends the shelf life of some foods.

. Monitoring technology of any parameter of interest (f.e. Temperature) to ensure the cold chain maintenance throughout the distribution cycle.

2. Much more sustainable packaging:

. Some of them produced with recycled materials, such as “Method Ocean Plastic Bottle” ( or others produced with recycled PET (RPET) which can be found in multiple examples in the mineral bottled water market of large size (5L or more).

. Others produced by bioplastics (biobased and/or biodegradable) or materials based on cellulose fibres which provides more sustainability, such as the PLA (Polylactic Acid), used by Danone for Activia in Germany or the bioPET, recently used by Coca Cola in some plants.

. New plastics by compostable materials.

. Lighter packaging, such as “Doy Pack” versus its equivalent of rigid plastic.

3. Convenience Packaging

In other words, easier to open packaging, re-closable and suitable for “on the go” consumption or the concept of “dual” packaging suitable for microwaves and oven, too.

4. The Frustration-free-packaging concept

It is developed mostly by Amazon, which requires easy to use packaging and with much lower environmental impact (

5. The “Custom” packaging and the prototyping

The great development of the digital printing techniques and the 3D printers has opened an important field for the feasibility of short runs. This has permitted to offer to the market customised packaging to which the customers identify themselves easily.


How to systematize the innovation in packaging to obtain a winner packaging?

The innovation in packaging may improve the results as long as a roadmap is defined beyond the technical and operational aspects which allow to ensure the value addition through the packaging.




How can we differentiate ourselves and generate benefits to the companies through packaging?

. The answer is found in the development of new solutions of packaging through new materials and/or concepts.

The secret of packaging success lies in its ability of adding value; a value directly perceptible to the client / customer through the product use in the consumption experience.

The close monitoring of market and the continuous technology watch are key issues when designing a winner packaging.

The final guarantee success will be given by the adaptation to the required market dynamism, the “time-to-market” is crucial in this sector.

In summary, systematization of packaging innovation is feasible by following nine essential steps to ensure the value creation through the packaging, and therefore the success of the proposal:

Repaq - innovación de packaging
Ilustración 1- (Adaptado de “Creating Value Through Packaging. Unlocking a New Business and Management Strategy” J. Peters, B. Higgins, M. Richmond)

The execution of these complex stages can be achieved with external consultation services. Trust us for the development of your packaging innovation plan from an expert point of view. Contact us for more detailed information.

By RepaQ Packaging Consulting Team.