New trends in large consumption packaging

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The large consumption sector is always in constant evolution. The fact that it is one of the most competitive, forces to make constant efforts in innovation to distinguish itself from the competition and, in many cases, simply survive. In order to obtain this innovation or for more information about how to get it, you can contact us.

However, it is possible that now we are in one of the most intense moments by far from this point of view. This traditional “competitiveness” is joined now by two phenomena which together make highly likely that in a few years we will see totally implemented “revolutions” which now, for some people, could seem “science fiction”.

These two phenomena go hand in hand and are, on one side, a massive change on:

  • Shopping habits
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Consumption of customers

And, on the other side, a technological revolution, maybe comparable in intensity to others that have happen before, but which is happening with a speed truly difficult to assume.

At the same time, it must be said that, in most cases, the innovation is not coming together with the products we consume.

We are convinced that we could find some examples of very innovative products, but mostly do not differentiate too much from what we consumed 10 or 20 years ago, but the way we consumed them.

What is it changing or will change in large consumption?

Well, as some readers have probably already guessed, the massive revolutions are arriving with packaging.

The customer habits changes and the technological changes are driving all the large companies from the consumption world to be directed, specially, towards these 4 aspects:

  1. An omnichannel strategy, which of course includes e-commerce.
  2. A need to ensure, to guarantee, that the products are 100% healthy and also social and environmentally sustainable throughout the entire supply chain.
  3. A new type of segmentation, which does not fit fully in the socio-demographic profile of the customer, but in its habits of shopping, transport, storage and consumption, including the subsequent recycling.
  4. A clear guidance to a “convenience” consumption. The customers want comfort, even when they choose to prepare their own food.

Today, practically the entire world understand that the innovation in this context will come mainly through packaging. There are so many factors that can have an impact on packaging, that creating this innovation without a professional consulting is getting more and more difficult. This is why most of corporations, large and small, include professionals of the sector to give them assessment, RepaQ would be an example which covers all the areas, 360º.

Definitively, Packaging is and will continue to be the main character of the innovation in this market of large consumption, where the habits and the technological changes are going to continue to occur. Even sometimes in lines difficult to predict today.