What is Kiss Packaging?

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The KISS principle (Keep It Simple and Straightforward) for the design and development of packaging systems is currently of outmost relevance. The consumer requires simple packaging, easy to use and waste manage at the end of life. On the other hand, the packer needs the right amount of the most suitable material to keep costs under control.

This trend is aligned with the so-called "Responsible Packaging" that aims to achieve:

  • Suitable packaging to protect the product and obtained full performance of the package system all along the extended supply chain.
  • Reduced packaging waste and food or product spoilage.
  • Optimized use of materials, energy and water in the manufacture, distribution and use of the packaging system.
  • The maximum rates of recovery of materials and energy from packaging waste.

Successful packaging

So currently, a successful packaging must be a multifunctional packaging and that at least includes the following: attraction, information, container, protection, usability, sustainability, legality and interaction with the product. The prioritization of functions depends on the product to be packaged, the consumer target, the preservation conditions, etc., and it is important to consider them all. Given the differentiation of products, packagers and consumers, it is advisable to have adequate internal packaging development tools for assessment of compliance with key functions.

In conclusion, the excess penalizes the performance of the packaging, a tailor-fitted concept is required to avoid overpacking, with a packaging focused on its functionality. It is the return to KISS Packaging, the product and the pack are a matched-pair and it is necessary to work on the to offer the best consumer experience, guaranteeing the success of the product, understood as the whole content and the continent .

In RepaQ we help you find the best packaging or redesign the existing one to obtain the maximum optimization in packaging and at the same time guarantee the maintenance of the necessary functionality so that the product reaches the consumer's home in the best conditions.