The 6 most important changes in the new BRC packaging v6

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BRC Global Standards have been working in collaboration with industry leaders in developing Issue 6 of the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. We are pleased to announce that the draft consultation is now available at

Main key considerations are as follows:


1.Removing differing hygiene levels

To simplify the use of the Standard, and reflecting its ability to flex to all packaging processes through a risk-based approach, Issue 6 will contain only one set of requirements.

Some requirements state their applicability to ‘food contact materials’ where higher or differing level of hygiene is required.


2.Removal of second unannounced audit programme (split unannounced)

The unannounced audit programme gives extra confidence to specifiers that the site is operating to the requirements in the Standard on a day-to-day basis. In line with Issue 8 of the Food Standard, and reflecting that the full unannounced audit option is preferred, the split unannounced audit option will be removed.


3.New fundamental clause – Corrective and Preventive Action

Specific requirements on corrective and preventive action (CAPA) related to root cause analysis have been included, assembling RCA from various parts of the Standard and integrating it into a structured continuous improvement approach.

As well as consistency with Issue 8 of the Food Standard, this new clause and including it as a fundamental emphasises the importance of addressing issues with the intent to remove the risk of reoccurrence.


4.Emphasis on product quality

The Standard began as a hygiene Standard applicable to the manufacture of packaging for contact with food. As the Standard has been reviewed and republished, its scope and function has evolved to product quality, as well as product safety, and has become applicable to all types of packaging for any application. Issue 6 will continue this trend by separating quality in the hazard and risk analysis, building towards the quality management systems focused clauses in section 5.


5.Product safety and quality culture

Consistency with Issue 8 of the Food Standard is vital to give transparency and coherency across the food supply chain and to support that, Issue 6 will introduce food safety and quality culture.

This requirement is designed so the site establishes the status of their organisational culture and put in place steps to improve it.


6.Change of name

There is evidence that simplifying the name of the Standard to the BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials would aid in understanding the scope of the document.

Stakeholders are encouraged to consider the details of this new draft and provide feedback on both the proposed requirements and audit protocol. The closing date for submission of feedback is December 15th, 2018. We are ready to support you on the implementation of new requirements. Contact us for more info.


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